This department covers various tasks that are essential for smooth processing at our Großbeeren site. At our Eurohub, the Facility Manager is the person who always has on-call duty, does behind-the-scenes maintenance, and is available day and night, if needs be. Of course, we grant you according compensatory time off for your commitment in this demanding position. As Facility Manager, you consider the daily walk of up to 20 miles across five storeys at times to be a welcome workout. You will maintain machines and installations and carry out small repairs yourself. You will take care of contractors and organise internal moves.

Last but not least, cleanliness inside the warehouse will also be your focus. Our Cleaning Team ensures that the floors, rooms, and banisters are shiny, and that waste is recycled properly. So, being part of the Facility Team means that you will contribute to all employees enjoying a technically operative and tidy work environment.

Material Management

In Material Management, you will be the point of intersection between delivery and storage of goods. You will check incoming goods and therefore ensure our quality requirements. You will primarily communicate with suppliers and Procurement, but also with all other Office departments that order the supplies they need.

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