Our Application Process

Transparency is essential to us, as we do not want our application process to be a closed book to you.

The process of how your application is usually handled at our company is illustrated below:

Bewerbungsprozess EN

1) Receipt of Application

Your first point of contact with us is always your application. As soon as we have received your documents, our Recruiting team processes them confidentially. Since we have different requirements for every job opening, we will check your application thoroughly. Additionally to your professional experience, education and certificates, we are especially interested in seeing your motivation, dedication and interest. If your CV and motivation match the job opening's requirements, we will invite you to a job interview or to our information event for warehouse employees.

2) Face-to-Face Meeting

a) White Collar / Office

If the Recruiting team thinks you made a good impression, we will forward your application to the respective department. If they agree too, we will usually invite you to a job interview at our Großbeeren site. During the interview, we want to get to know you more. You will also gain a precise insight into your future position and its requirements. If our visions match, we are happy to welcome you as a new addition to our team. You will receive a PDF of your individual contract of employment beforehand.

b) Blue Collar / Warehouse

Warehouse jobs follow the same pattern: If your application matches the requirements, we invite you to our group information, followed by a job interview. At our Großbeeren site, we will introduce you to the Ingram Micro universe. Our presentation gives you all the important information about our company and clients. What are the essential requirements and conditions for your employment relationship? We will answer these questions on site too. After passing the ensuing German test and attention test to evaluate your basic aptitude as a warehouse employee, we are happy to welcome you to the job interview. If your ideas and our requirements match, we are happy to offer you an appointment to sign your contract of employment.

3. Contract Signing

a) White Collar / Office

One of our HR employees will make time for you when you sign your contract of employment. You can use that appointment to hand in your relevant documents too. Every employee receives their individual induction plan, which we will send you before you start working at our company. This gives you an opportunity to properly prepare for your future tasks.

We're looking forward to welcoming you at our company soon!

b) Blue Collar / Warehouse

Our group information event for new warehouse employees is a great way for you to meet your future colleagues. There, you will also sign your contract of employment with our HR colleagues. Afterwards, we will talk to you about the next steps until you start your new job. A few days before your first day at our company, you will receive all the important information on your employment relationship when attending our Induction Day. One of our in-house trainers will give you an initial introduction to our warehouse, and you will receive your work clothes. In the following days, you will receive the initial training for your area of work. You will be supported by specially trained colleagues.

We're looking forward to welcoming you at our company soon!

Another aspect we deeply care about:

We think it's essential to be on a first-name basis with each and every one of our colleagues, and to treat everyone with respect. This is how we create a pleasant work atmosphere.

As soon as you signed your contract of employment, we will leave behind the formal address used during the application process and switch to a first-name basis.

It goes without saying that all of your documents will remain confidential.

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