Social Responsibility

- locally and internationally -

Social Commitment, Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability

We are aware of our responsibility – not just towards our employees, but also towards the environment. Therefore, we act in a sustainable and socially responsible manner and are also locally involved.

The basis for this commitment is our Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

We support local sports clubs, sheltered workshops, road safety initiatives, as well as local village fairs. The money we raise with our company raffles and fund-raising campaigns benefits children's homes in Germany and Poland. Instead of B2B Christmas presents, we donate money for every Christmas card: 2019, it was to the children's hospice "Sonnenhof" in Berlin, and this year it is the Berlin homeless charity "Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe e.V.".

In 2019, we started a cooperation with the family-owned honey farm "Honigprinz", and we gave young bee colonies a new home on our premises – a project initiated by our client. The money raised from honey sales is donated to charity. This year, we will once again hand out glasses of honey to our employees as a Christmas present.

In 2020, we wish to once again make disadvantaged children happy and bring a smile to their faces for Christmas. That is why we contributed to "Operation Christmas Child" again. Our employees donated lots of small and big presents, such as pencils, cuddly toys, or other new toys. These are put into shoeboxes and donated to children in need. Thank you to all the employees who made this project come to life.

When selecting our suppliers, environmental consciousness is a decisive factor. We only cooperate with those suppliers that work with environmentally friendly materials. They are also obligated to maintain a partially carbon neutral production and supply chain.

The materials we use must be both ecological as well as economic. This is no easy feat by any means. However, we have managed to successfully tackle this issue throughout the past years.

We are proud of what we achieved in 2020:

  • 9.9 tons less plastic by using more environmentally friendly, recycled padding
  • 13 tons less paper by using recycled paper
  • about 700 tons less wood due to changing from wood to cardboard pallets
  • 2,120 litres of chemicals less by using biodegradable cleaning agents made from microorganisms
  • Installing air filtration systems in the entire warehouse ensures the WHO recommended air quality (20 μg/ m³ as annual Ø)
  • Our employees’ work clothes are certified with Oeko-Tex standard, contain significantly less chemicals than legally binding, and is produced under social conditions.

We have already set more goals for the protection of our health and environment, and we will implement them step by step.

You can see some of our many social responsibility projects here:

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