Account Management

As part of the Account Management Team at Ingram Micro Eurohub, you will be the first point of contact for our client, and be responsible for internal communications. You are an excellent and natural networker. You will be responsible for handling and providing relevant information to all employees in several languages by using our app and TV screens to ensure smooth internal communication. Your goals are to communicate in a transparent and timely manner, to minimise sources of errors, and to always be in close contact with the client.

Project Management

Working in Project Management means always having a clear goal ahead of you. You will develop new concepts with different logistical requirements, while always keeping the client in mind. In doing so, you are always aware of the developed process steps – in all areas from goods arrival to stock keeping and commissioning to goods issue. You will analyse and continuously optimise our client's supply chain and recognise potential room for improvement early on. You have good knowledge of e-commerce in general and its developments. You will implement our commerce and fulfilment solutions with our client in mind, and successfully develop product-market combinations.

Operations Development

The Operations Development department is in charge of everything regarding quality improvement, process accuracy and cost-cutting in Production. In this department, you will work efficiently using clearly defined processes, while always keeping the client in mind. You will involve colleagues from other departments to slim down their production processes. You will be focused on what is essential and be in close coordination with all departments. The value-added chain can only be used to its optimum if all simultaneously ongoing processes are in sync.

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